AGS magazine

AGS magazine Issue 3 cover

Issue 3: 2017

Robert Orr PSM QC

On the 25th anniversary of the Mabo decision

Sir Gerard Brennan

Reflections on the creation of the Federal Court

Articles on class actions, legal technology, securities and Constitution s 44

AGS magazine Issue 2 cover

Issue 2: 2017

Justice Michelle Gordon

of the High Court on applying reason to Reasons


5 feature articles on different aspects of property

Government law in ATO, IALB and across Australia

including AGS office profiles

AGS magazine Issue 1 cover

Issue 1: 2016AGS-magazine-Issue1.pdfHTML | PDF

Justice Stephen Gageler

of the High Court on what it is to be a government lawyer


5 feature articles on different aspects of confidentiality

Office of General Counsel, AGS Dispute Resolution
and AGS Commercial profiles