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No. 285 Aboriginal Australians are not within the reach of the ‘aliens’ power conferred by s 51(xix) of the Constitution: Love v Commonwealth; Thoms v Commonwealth [2020] HCA (17 February 2020)
No. 284 ASIC v Helou [2019] FCA 1634 (20 January 2020) PDF 112Kb
No. 283 HT v R [2019] HCA 40: High Court finds 'secret' evidence a step too far PDF 107Kb
No. 282 Western Union Business Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd v Robinson [2019] FCAFC 181 PDF 119Kb
No. 281 'Proportionality' in civil penalty cases – important developments (16 October 2019) PDF 129Kb
No. 280 High Court confirms legal professional privilege a 'shield' not a 'sword' (14 August 2019)
No. 279 Comcare v Banerji [2019] HCA 23 (8 August 2019)
No. 278 Commonwealth of Australia not liable for economic loss arising from its administration of the Home Insulation Program PDF 41Kb
No. 277 Keyzer v La Trobe University [2019] FCA 646 (24 May 2019) PDF 38Kb
No. 276 Seventh Anniversary of the PPSR – what you need to do (29 January 2019) PDF 276Kb
No. 275 Federal Court holds dismissal of an ill employee breached the Fair Work Act 2009 (7 December 2018) PDF 44Kb
No. 274 AIT18 v Australian Information Commissioner [2018] FCAFC 192 (30 November 2018) PDF 260Kb
No. 273 The Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (Cth) (19 October 2018) PDF 47 Kb
No. 272 John Nemcic v Australian Electoral Commission [2018] FWC 5645 (19 October 2018) PDF 38 Kb
No. 271 Update: special leave refused in relation to penalty privilege (27 September 2018) PDF 35 Kb
No. 270 High Court confirms that State tribunals cannot exercise judicial power in federal matters (15 May 2018) PDF 181 Kb
No. 269 Department invites submissions on its review of the Copyright Act 1968 (7 May 2018) PDF 214Kb
No. 268 Full Federal Court finds the Harman obligation does not constrain statutory power (11 April 2018) PDF 38 Kb
No. 267 Tribunal rules on FOI access to text messages (28 March 2018) PDF 127Kb
No. 266 Mandatory data breach notification scheme commences today (22 February 2018) PDF 39Kb
No. 265 Penalty privilege is not available in a federal administrative context unless it is applied by statute: apparent tension in High Court authority resolved (15 February 2018) PDF 189Kb
No. 264 High Court finds Federal Court has power to make a personal payment order against a contravening union official under the Fair Work Act 2009 (14 February 2018) PDF 115Kb
No. 263 Commonwealth Government Business Enterprises – Governance and Oversight Guidelines (10 January 2018)
No. 262 Government releases response to Productivity Commission's report on Australia's intellectual property arrangements (11 September 2017)
No. 261 Full Federal Court clarifies when a psychological condition is an 'injury' or 'disease' under the SRC Act and how decisions ceasing entitlement to workers compensation can be approached (8 September 2017)
No. 260 Resource Management Guide 420: Mandatory Use of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for Procurements under $200,000 updated by Finance (21 July 2017) PDF 37Kb
No. 259 Whitebox proceeding has potential significance for Commonwealth civil regulators (22 June 2017)
No. 258 The High Court considers 'market' for the purposes of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and when it is 'in Australia'. (21 June 2017) PDF 226Kb
No. 257 Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Bill 2017 introduced into Parliament (31 May 2017) PDF 122Kb
No. 256 A current issue arising in ASIC v Whitebox (NSD383 of 2016) (Whitebox), with potential significance for other civil regulatory proceedings, has now been listed for separate hearing before the Full Court of the Federal Court on 8 June 2017. (23 May 2017) PDF 113Kb
No. 255 The Full Court of the Federal Court clarifies the causal connection between 'administrative action' and a disease that is necessary to potentially exclude liability under the SRC Act (9 May 2017) PDF 40Kb
No. 254 Australian Government invites submissions on Productivity Commission's final report on its inquiry into Australia's intellectual property arrangements (25 January 2017) PDF 254 Kb
No. 253 Full Federal Court hands down decision on definition of 'personal information' (25 January 2017) PDF 37Kb
No. 252 New Commonwealth Procurement Rules to apply from 1 March 2017 (30 November 2016)
No. 251 The High Court clarifies the causal connection between 'administrative action' and a disease that is necessary to potentially exclude liability under the SRC Act (10 November 2016) PDF 229Kb
No. 250 Administrative Appeals Tribunal awards $8,000 in compensation for interference with privacy (19 October 2016) PDF 240Kb
No. 249 Productivity Commission delivers final Report on its inquiry into Australia's intellectual property arrangements (23 September 2016) PDF 175 Kb
No. 248 Implications for the Commonwealth from the ANZ liquidated damages case (3 August 2016) PDF 273Kb
No. 247 Release from the 'implied undertaking' for the purpose of a criminal investigation (24 May 2016) PDF 48Kb
No. 246 The Governor-General has dissolved both Houses of Parliament. Caretaker conventions now apply. (9 May 2016)
No. 245 Full Federal Court confirms 'legal unreasonableness' principles (30 March 2016) PDF 241Kb
No. 244 Acts and Instruments (Framework Reform) Act 2015 to commence on 5 March (5 March 2016)
No. 243 Tribunal rules on disclosure of incoming government brief (17 December 2015) PDF 37Kb
No. 242 Army Reservist discharged for public comments wins in Federal Court (11 December 2015) PDF 35Kb
No. 241 High Court finds that Barbaro does not apply to civil penalty proceedings (9 December 2015) PDF 34Kb
No. 240 Productivity Commission invites submissions to the Inquiry into Australia's Intellectual Property System (26 November 2015) PDF 157Kb
No. 239 ANAO releases audit report on confidentiality in procurement (8 October 2015) PDF 516Kb
No. 238 First decision on who is an 'officer' under the model work health and safety legislation (1 September 2015) PDF 167Kb
No. 237 Full Federal Court clarifies nature and scope of appeals on a 'question of law' (11 August 2015) PDF 191Kb
No. 236 High Court upholds power to order a corporation facing contempt proceedings to discover documents that may tend to implicate it in the contempt alleged (7 July 2015) PDF 118Kb
No. 235 High Court rules on apprehended bias (26 June 2015) PDF 167Kb
No. 234 Privacy determination – need to scrutinise law enforcement requests before disclosing personal information (27 May 2015) PDF 233Kb
No. 233 New APS Award means change for SES employees (26 May 2015) PDF 80Kb
No. 232 Metadata is 'personal information' under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (25 May 2015) PDF 225Kb
No. 231 Parliament passes the Tribunals Amalgamation Bill 2015 (21 May 2015) PDF 184Kb
No. 230 High Court rules on 'Royal prank phone call' case (10 March 2015) PDF 140Kb
No. 229 Energy Consumers Australia Ltd, a national energy consumer advocacy body, established on 30 January 2015 (6 March 2015) PDF 136Kb
No. 228 Fair Work Commission provides guidance on interpreting enterprise agreements (8 December 2014) PDF 132Kb
No. 227 Emissions Reduction Fund ready to commence (5 December 2014) PDF 133Kb
No. 226 Court allows appeal against decision upholding public interest immunity (PII) over complaint and investigation records (6 November 2014) PDF 45Kb
No. 225 Recent decision indicates likely compensation range for breach of privacy (23 September 2014) PDF 131Kb
No. 224 Serious invasions of privacy in the digital era: ALRC tables final report (12 September 2014) PDF 128Kb
No. 223 Implied terms of mutual trust and confidence and good faith in employment contracts: what do they mean for Commonwealth agencies? (11 September 2014) PDF 140Kb
No. 222 Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper: extended deadline for submissions (1 September 2014) PDF 129Kb
No. 221 Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd v Marmara (8 August 2014) PDF 129Kb
No. 220 First decision on termination of employment for 'loss of an essential qualification' – Defence defends requirement to maintain a security clearance (28 July 2014) PDF 217Kb
No. 219 High Court upholds validity of designation of Papua New Guinea as regional processing country (27 June 2014) PDF 50Kb
No. 218 Bills to facilitate 1 July 2014 commencement of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability legislative framework pass through Parliament (27 June 2014)
No. 217 High Court holds legislation authorising expenditure for the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program to be invalid (19 June 2014)
No. 216 High Court upholds the validity of 'Henry VIII' regulation affecting an accrued right to compensation (21 May 2014) PDF 132Kb
No. 215 Submissions on penalty post Barbaro – update for civil regulators (16 May 2014)
No. 214 Criminal property forfeiture scheme valid – no acquisition of property on unjust terms (22 April 2014) PDF 56Kb
No. 213 High Court decision clarifies the test for extinguishment of native title (17 April 2014) PDF 135Kb
No. 212 Fair Work Commission decisions provide insight on validity of 'no extra claims' clauses in enterprise agreements and notices of employment representation rights (11 April 2014) PDF 128Kb
No. 211 High Court clarifies the circumstances in which words may be read into a statute (7 April 2014) PDF 138Kb
No. 210 Recent decision revisits approach to release of vocational assessment information of successful job applicant (20 March 2014) (PDF 133Kb)
No. 209 Submissions on penalty ranges – High Court's view and implications for civil regulators (11 March 2014) PDF 142Kb
No. 208 Copyright and the Digital Economy: ALRC tables final report (20 February 2014) PDF 133Kb
No. 207 The High Court declares invalid NSW laws restricting political donations and electoral expenditure (20 December 2013) PDF 132 Kb
No. 206 New anti-bullying measures to commence on 1 January 2014 (16 December 2013) PDF 135Kb
No. 205 Bill introduces major reform of national energy regulatory system (3 December 2013) PDF 136Kb
No. 204 Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 commences on 15 January 2014 (29 November 2013) PDF 138Kb
No. 203 Mobile privacy: A better practice guide for mobile app developers (22 November 2013) PDF 126Kb
No. 202 New Federal Court guide to the Individual Docket System (20 November 2013) PDF 132kb
No. 201 High Court guidance on documents produced by mistake (8 November 2013) PDF 131kb
No. 200 High Court discusses principles relating to a duty to give reasons and certiorari (5 November 2013) PDF 134kb
No. 199 High Court refines notion of injury suffered 'in the course of employment' (4 November 2013) PDF 132Kb
No. 198 The High Court holds that a native title right that allows fishing for commercial purposes is not extinguished by State and Commonwealth legislation prohibiting commercial fishing without a licence (29 August 2013) PDF 129Kb
No. 197 High Court upholds constitutional validity of the mining tax (27 August 2013) PDF 139Kb
No. 196 APS Big Data Strategy release (13 August 2013) PDF 136Kb
No. 195 Election 2013: caretaker conventions (30 July 2013) PDF 150Kb
No. 194 New Risk management guidelines for outsourced or offshore ICT arrangements (12 July 2013) PDF 140Kb
No. 193 Sex Discrimination Act amended to cover sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status and relationship status (3 July 2013) PDF 54Kb
No. 192 New anti-bullying measures and other amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 (28 June 2013) PDF 103Kb
No. 191 Bill introduces new governance, performance and accountability framework for Commonwealth bodies (28 June 2013) PDF 108Kb
No. 190 Privacy reforms: introduction of Bill requiring notification of serious data breaches (5 June 2013) PDF 48Kb
No. 189 Launch of Opinions of the Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth of Australia Volume 3, 1923–45, and website of Legal Opinions 1901–45: (28 May 2013)
No. 188 Recent decision clarifies legal professional privilege for in-house lawyers (24 May 2013) PDF 100Kb
No. 187 Changes to the operation of Division 81 of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (22 May 2013) PDF 49Kb
No. 186 High Court considers unreasonableness ground of judicial review of administrative decisions (21 May 2013) PDF 68Kb
No. 185 Exposure draft proposal to amend the Constitution released (17 May 2013) PDF 46Kb
No. 184 Bill to introduce new public governance, performance and accountability framework (16 May 2013) PDF 52Kb
No. 183 Victorian Court of Appeal changes approach to civil penalties by consent (27 March 2013) PDF 60Kb
No. 182 High Court finds Google not responsible for misleading 'sponsored links' (21 February 2013) PDF 51Kb
No. 181 Amendments to the Public Service Act 1999 (11 February 2013) PDF 54Kb
No. 180 New Commonwealth Grant Guidelines (31 January 2013) PDF 52Kb
No. 179 Commonwealth win in the Victorian alpine grazing case (30 January 2013) PDF 57Kb
No. 178 ACT Court of Appeal confirms police responsibilities for prevention of crime are critical to determining whether a duty of care is owed (21 December 2012) PDF 47Kb
No. 177 Freedom of information requests to the Official Secretary to the Governor-General (21 December 2012) PDF 42Kb
No. 176 Amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 (3 December 2012) PDF 56Kb
No. 175 Consolidation of Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws (30 November 2012) PDF 58Kb
No. 174 Full Federal Court decision on public interest immunity (29 November 2012) PDF 60Kb
No. 173 Supreme Court decision on the mistaken release of material determined to be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (9 November 2012) PDF 45Kb
No. 172 Review of the Freedom of Information Act (1 November 2012) PDF 43Kb
No. 171 High Court delivers its reasons in the challenges to the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act (22 October 2012) PDF 46Kb
No. 170 High Court decides that regulations are inconsistent with the Migration Act 1958 (22 October 2012) PDF 49Kb
No. 169 Submissions for ALRC inquiry into copyright and digital economy (15 October 2012) PDF 51Kb
No. 168 Transfer of OLDP functions to the Office of Parliamentary Counsel (5 October 2012) PDF 41Kb
No. 167 Federal Court decision on unwanted door knocking (4 October 2012) PDF 43Kb
No. 166 Implied term of mutual trust and confidence in employment contracts: what does it mean for Commonwealth agencies? (28 September 2012) PDF 54Kb
No. 165 High Court decision clarifies adverse action provisions in the Fair Work Act 2009 (21 September 2012) PDF 58Kb
No. 164 High Court decision on third party access under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (17 September 2012) PDF 54Kb
No. 163 Parliament passes Bill that changes the way legislative instruments cease (14 September 2012) PDF 46Kb
No. 162 Full Federal Court decision on loss or damage in the context of civil penalty matters (14 September 2012) PDF 71Kb
No. 161 High Court decision on procedural fairness (10 September 2012) PDF 44Kb
No. 160 Federal Court decision on Federal Magistrates' superannuation entitlements (7 September 2012) PDF 73Kb
No. 159 Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights tables first report (31 August 2012) PDF 52Kb
No. 158 High Court upholds Tobacco Plain Packaging Act (15 August 2012) PDF 42Kb
No. 157 Final ALRC terms of reference for review of copyright exceptions and AGD review of exceptions to liability for circumventing technological protection measures (26 July 2012) PDF 53Kb
No. 156 National Energy Retail Law to commence on 1 July 2012 (29 June 2012) PDF 58Kb
No. 155 Legislation enacted today in response to High Court's decision in Williams v Commonwealth (28 June 2012) PDF 57Kb
No. 154 New gTLD applications – objection period now open (15 June 2012) PDF 48Kb
No. 153 Proposed amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 (30 May 2012) PDF 52Kb
No. 152 Updated Australian Government intellectual property guidance for agencies (9 May 2012)
No. 151 High Court decision on the duties of corporate officers (8 May 2012)
No. 150 Federal Court decision on the service of documents by post (1 May 2012)
No. 149 Copyright inquiry draft terms of reference released for public comment (18 April 2012) PDF 60Kb
No. 148 New Commonwealth Procurement Rules (16 April 2012) PDF 60Kb
No. 147 Taking genuine steps statements seriously (13 April 2012) PDF 162Kb
No. 146 Clean Energy legislation (22 March 2012) PDF 179Kb
No. 145 Proposed new oversight, review and conduct provisions for the Australian Public Service (1 March 2012) PDF 165Kb
No. 144 Public holidays in South Australia (7 February 2012) PDF 149Kb
No. 143 New Personal Property Securities Register commences on 30 January 2012 (20 January 2012) PDF 152Kb
No. 142 New work health and safety laws now in operation (5 January 2012) PDF 169Kb
No. 141 Recent amendments extend Auditor-General's powers of review and audit (20 December 2011) PDF 156Kb
No. 140 New human rights obligations for agencies (25 November 2011) PDF 128Kb
No. 139 When is a government charge a tax? (13 October 2011) PDF 118Kb
No. 138 New national electricity and gas retail supply arrangements to be applied by the Commonwealth (21 September 2011) PDF 56Kb
No. 137 Two new national bodies to regulate offshore petroleum operations and titles (15 September 2011) PDF 56Kb
No. 136 Government introduces clean energy legislation into Parliament (14 September 2011) PDF 47Kb
No. 135 Inconsistency of Commonwealth and State laws (13 September 2011) PDF 55Kb
No. 134 Federal Court rules on parliamentary privilege and waiver of legal professional privilege (29 August 2011) PDF 50 Kb
No. 133 Government releases clean energy legislation exposure drafts (29 July 2011) PDF 68Kb
No. 132 Acts Interpretation Act 1901 amendments (21 June 2011) PDF 59Kb
No. 131 Genuine steps statements under the Civil Dispute Resolution Act 2011 (27 May 2011) PDF 53Kb
No. 130 Two recent decisions highlight important public interest immunity considerations (21 April 2011) PDF 74Kb
No. 129 New national arrangements governing the retail supply of electricity and gas (16 March 2011) PDF 58Kb
No. 128 Government releases draft guidelines on licensing of public sector information (9 February 2011) PDF 61Kb
No. 127 Role of courts in judicial review (23 December 2010) PDF 68Kb
No. 126 Federal Court clarifies law on notices of decisions under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (23 December 2010) PDF 52Kb
No. 125 Updated Statement of IP Principles issued (13 October 2010) PDF 170Kb
No. 124 Some recent cases dealing with misconduct by public sector employees (10 August 2010) PDF 64Kb
No. 123 Election 2010: caretaker conventions (15 July 2010) PDF 97Kb
No. 122 Changes to the Financial Management and Accountability Regulations 1997 (2 July 2010) PDF 59Kb
No. 121 High Court clarifies the test for non-publication orders in the Federal Court (18 June 2010) PDF 63Kb
No. 120 Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Bill 2010 (7 June 2010) PDF 55Kb
No. 119 Government releases new Liability Risk Assessment Guide for FMA Act Agencies (21 May 2010) PDF 58Kb
No. 118 Freedom of Information reforms passed by Federal Parliament (14 May 2010) PDF 47Kb
No. 117 The new Australian Consumer Law (13 April 2010) PDF 58Kb
No. 116 High Court decisions on funding agreements, potential acquisitions of property and abridgment of rights to water (25 February 2010) PDF 56Kb
No. 115 Revised Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation introduced into parliament (3 February 2010) PDF 64Kb
No. 114 Freedom of information and reviews of deemed refusals by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (24 December 2009) PDF 55Kb
No. 113 Legal professional privilege and parliamentary privilege over drafting instructions (8 December 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 112 Freedom of Information reforms introduced into Parliament (27 November 2009) PDF 53Kb
No. 111 New Commonwealth Property Management Guidelines (6 November 2009) PDF 72Kb
No. 110 Report on the National Human Rights Consultation released (23 October 2009) PDF 58Kb
No. 109 Government responds to Australian Law Reform Commission's review of Australian Privacy Laws (16 October 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 108 Freedom of Information (Removal of Conclusive Certificates and Other Measures) Act 2009 now law (13 October 2009) PDF 56Kb
No. 107 Supreme Court awards first damages under ACT Human Rights Act (1 October 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 106 Full Federal Court judgment important to decision makers claiming privilege over information (3 September 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 105 Parliament passes new renewable energy target (31 August 2009) PDF 56Kb
No. 104 High Court judgment has significant implications for the ability of parties to amend pleadings (7 August 2009) PDF 61Kb
No. 103 Updated construction industry guidelines now in effect (6 August 2009) PDF 61Kb
No. 102 Important changes to FMA Regulations on proposals and approvals to spend public money (3 August 2009) PDF 64Kb
No. 101 High Court reasons for the Pape decision on the Tax Bonus Act (14 July 2009) PDF 62Kb
No. 100 New Commonwealth Grant Guidelines (3 July 2009) PDF 78Kb
No. 99 Access to justice reforms (1 July 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 98 Establishment of the Australian Energy Market Operator (1 July 2009) PDF 58Kb
No. 97 Lawyers acting for government not potentially liable for misfeasance in public office (5 May 2009) PDF 59Kb
No. 96 Federal Court issues practice note on Fast Track Directions (1 May 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 95 The new federal workplace relations system (8 April 2009) PDF 69Kb
No. 94 Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation exposure drafts (3 April 2009) PDF 55Kb
No. 93 High Court upholds validity of tax bonus payments (3 April 2009) PDF 50Kb
No. 92 Public holidays for federal system employees (30 March 2009) PDF 55Kb
No. 91 Major freedom of information reforms announced (25 March 2009) PDF 57Kb
No. 90 Observing the 2009 Anzac Day Public Holiday (23 March 2009) PDF 52Kb
No. 89 Natural justice and 'act of grace' payments (4 March 2009) PDF 59Kb
No. 88 New water reform laws commence (15 December 2008) PDF 139Kb
No. 87 Finance issues new 30 day payment policy (9 December 2008) PDF 64Kb
No. 86 Nation-building funds legislation passed by Parliament (9 December 2008) PDF 56Kb
No. 85 New carbon sequestration regime (5 December 2008) PDF 53Kb
No. 84 Freedom of Information Amendment Bill introduced to parliament (27 November 2008) PDF 54Kb
No. 83 New Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (15 October 2008) PDF 78Kb
No. 82 High Court judgment has implications for the inconsistency test for waiver of legal professional privilege and freedom of information (20 August 2008) PDF 62Kb
No. 81 Recent High Court decision on binding nature of implied undertakings in litigation including upon non-parties (19 August 2008) PDF 61Kb
No. 80 High Court considers the nature of administrative review in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (14 August 2008) PDF 62Kb
No. 79 Key features of the National Employment Standards (5 August 2008) PDF 86Kb
No. 78 Australia's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (29 July 2008) PDF 59Kb
No. 77 Important legislative changes regarding land acquisition (25 July 2008) PDF 56Kb
No. 76 Employers can direct employees to undertake psychiatric assessment (22 July 2008) PDF 58Kb
No. 75 New system for regulating export of bulk wheat (18 July 2008) PDF 100Kb
No. 74 New arrangements for regulation of natural gas pipeline services (8 July 2008) PDF 102Kb
No. 73 Lawyers acting for government potentially liable for misfeasance in public office (25 June 2008) PDF 60Kb
No. 72 Employers can be obliged to pay redundancy as advised in an estimate (19 June 2008) PDF 69Kb
No. 71 Significant changes to accountability and governance arrangements for Commonwealth authorities and companies (2 June 2008) PDF 60 Kb
No. 70 High Court rejects challenge to validity of conferral of Commonwealth administrative power on state officers (15 May 2008) PDF 108Kb
No. 69 New agreement-making framework under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (1 April 2008) PDF 113Kb
No. 68 New asbestos laws for non-residential premises in the ACT (15 February 2008) PDF 61 Kb
No. 67 Amendment to arrangements for the national electricity market and electricity distribution businesses (12 February 2008) PDF 67Kb
No. 66 Federal Court confirms flexibility in EPBC Act referral and assessment processes (24 January 2008) PDF 70Kb
No. 65 Legal professional privilege: recent judgment affects in-house lawyers (23 January 2008) PDF 87Kb
No. 64 Important recent FMA Act amendments (10 January 2008) PDF 56Kb
No. 63 New national greenhouse and energy reporting framework (4 October 2007) PDF 62Kb
No. 62 Election 2007: caretaker conventions (18 September 2007) PDF 102Kb
No. 61 Changes affecting building work funded by the Australian Government (19 September 2007) PDF 93Kb
No. 60 The Northern Territory National Emergency Response Package (6 September 2007) PDF 70Kb
No. 59 Water Bill 2007 (21 August 2007) PDF 57Kb
No. 58 Freedom of information and transfer of requests between agencies (13 August 2007) PDF 54Kb
No. 57 Amendments to the Native Title Act 1993 (3 July 2007) PDF 55Kb
No. 56 New FMA Regulation 10 delegation and guidance from 1 July 2007 (26 June 2007) PDF 48Kb
No. 55 Release of revised SourceIT model contracts (6 June 2007) PDF 42Kb
No. 54 The nature and extent of the duty of care owed by the Crown to employees involved in work entailing risk of psychiatric injury (28 May 2007) PDF 65Kb
No. 53 Damages claim for negligent advice given 34 years previously not statute-barred (30 April 2007) PDF 44Kb
No. 52 New grounds for employees to sue employers for breach of contract (7 March 2007) PDF 61Kb
No. 51 The downside of including misconduct procedures in a certified agreement (7 February 2007) PDF 69Kb
No. 50 Penalty judgment under secondary boycott provisions of the Trade Practices Act (24 January 2007) PDF 48Kb
No. 49 Amendments to the Privacy Act (7 December 2006) PDF 46Kb
No. 48 Cessation of the Endorsed Supplier Arrangement (1 December 2006) PDF 47Kb
No. 47 The Work Choices decision (22 November 2006) PDF 68Kb
No. 46 Federal Court awards $5.5 million in pecuniary penalties in Australia's first Spam Act case (16 November 2006) PDF 46Kb
No. 45 Canute and Comcare (6 October 2006) PDF 61Kb
No. 44 Basis for recognition of native title over Perth (29 September 2006) PDF 60Kb
No. 43 Freedom of information and review of conclusive certificates (6 September 2006) PDF 54Kb
No. 42 Limited liability in ICT contracts: Finance Circular 2006/03 (31 August 2006) PDF 63Kb
No. 41 Clarification of the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (14 August 2006) PDF 59Kb
No. 40 Responding to applications to extend limitation periods (23 June 2006) PDF 72Kb
No. 39 Liability of employer for unlawful discrimination in workplace (5 June 2006) PDF 79Kb
No. 38 Proportionate liability in mesothelioma claims (16 May 2006) PDF 71Kb
No. 37 Admitting medical evidence in personal injuries cases from experts that have not been agreed upon or court appointed (11 May 2006) PDF 171Kb
No. 36 Substance over form (18 April 2006) PDF 55Kb
No. 35 Misuse of market power and price fixing (22 March 2006) PDF 93Kb
No. 34 The Legal Services Directions 2005 (27 February 2006) PDF 207Kb
No. 33 Simplified requirements for goods mortgages (24 February 2006) PDF 230Kb
No. 32 Procedural fairness, secret information, disavowals of reliance by decision-makers and public interest immunity (14 December 2005) PDF 211Kb
No. 31 Caution to be exercised when relying on Calderbank letters (12 December 2005) PDF 231Kb
No. 30 The workplace relations advertising case (26 October 2005) PDF 45Kb
No. 29 Footy tipping and breaches of the Code of Conduct (11 October 2005) PDF 48Kb
No. 28 Employment by authority of a law of the Commonwealth (28 September 2005) PDF 50Kb
No. 27 Limitations of legal professional privilege (26 August 2005) PDF 46Kb
No. 26 Australian Government Property Ownership Framework: to own or not to own? (5 August 2005) PDF 45Kb
No. 25 The proper subject matter of averments (5 August 2005) PDF 46Kb
No. 24 Amendments to the National Security Information (Criminal Proceedings) Act 2004 (19 July 2005) PDF 296Kb
No. 23 Commencement of new national electricity legislation (7 July 2005) PDF 298Kb
No. 22 Admissibility of expert evidence (25 May 2005) PDF 286Kb
No. 21 Amendments to the AAT Act (20 May 2005) PDF 298Kb
No. 20 Amendments to the National Security Information (Criminal Proceedings) Act 2004 (27 April 2005) PDF 291Kb
No. 19 Obtaining security for costs in unfair dismissal proceedings (18 March 2005) PDF 295Kb
No. 18 Reinstatement where the employment relationship has irrevocably broken down: Andrea Walsh v Australian Taxation Office (16 March 2005) PDF 292Kb
No. 17 Redundancy entitlements (11 March 2005) PDF 293Kb
No. 16 Admissibility of expert evidence (10 March 2005) PDF 289Kb
No. 15 Implications of providing misleading information in the security clearance process (2 March 2005) PDF 291Kb
No. 14 Public service confidentiality (7 January 2005) PDF 302Kb
No. 13 High Court Rules 2004 (20 December 2004) PDF 296Kb
No. 12 AAT awards compensation for breach of privacy (3 December 2004) PDF 287Kb
No. 11 Inappropriateness of a plaintiff's solicitor contacting a defendant who is, or is to be indemnified (15 October 2004) PDF 294Kb
No. 10 Limitations of legal professional privilege to communications of in-house Defence lawyers (20 September 2004) PDF 150Kb
No. 9 Draft Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines issued by the Department of Finance and Administration (17 September 2004) PDF 278Kb
No. 8 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission v Australian Safeway Stores and Mark Jones – Update (16 September) PDF 328Kb
No. 7 Quoting the substance of legal advice in negotiations may make it subject to FOI (9 September 2004) PDF 285Kb
No. 6 Inability to prove alleged psychiatric illness (31 August 2004) PDF 298Kb
No. 5 Government Response to the Uhrig Review of the Corporate Governance of Statutory Authorities (19 August 2004)
No. 4 Scope of Commonwealth environmental laws (10 August 2004) PDF 295Kb
No. 3 Energy reform legislation (13 July 2004)
No. 2 Abolition of mortgage duty in Victoria (29 June 2004) PDF 35Kb
No. 1 Privacy complainants can go directly to the Federal Court (27 May 2004) PDF 123Kb